Our mission on Kauai is to inspire children to love and protect our natural resources.
To create understanding through in-class instruction and hands-on field trip experiences
that lead to responsible stewardship and compassion for all living things.

Retro Farms is a non profit organization established in 2010 to protect valuable agricultural land from development and dedicate it to the youth of Kauai. Our environmental education facility, ” The Mighty Seed Learning Center” is our farm and outdoor classrooms where we conduct our field trips and teach about the environment.

We are a resource for field trips for various youth organizations and schools. We welcome all youth groups and have hosted Girl Scouts, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Clubs. We also welcome off-island groups and have conducted a cultural exchange program with a school group from Lake Tahoe.Through our cultural exchange programs, we promote respect for other cultures while instilling pride in the Hawaiian culture.

Located on a bluff overlooking Moloaa Bay, the farm consists of three acres of natural forest, two acres of mango and avocado orchards, two acres of hardwood trees and three acres of open fields which are ideal for play. These programs include lessons about native plants, pollination and the importance of protecting pollinators, sustainable farming and the preservation of forests, flora and fauna that are necessary for healthy eco-systems. Through formal lessons conducted in the schools and in our outdoor classroom, we empower youth to work together to improve the world in which they live with hands on planting activities which inspire a respect for nature and sustainable farming.