About Us

Aaron teaching how to plant sugar cane

Aaron teaching how to plant sugar cane

Retro Farms is a  is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was established is 2009 to protect valuable agricultural land from development and dedicate it to the youth of Kauai.

Who we are:

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who have taken a fourteen acre parcel of land in the Moloa’a Agricultural district and turned it into a learning resource. We lead by example of sustainable farming, habitat protection, native plant propagation and invasive species removal. We have a collective desire to make our island a better place by protecting our natural resources and and improving the mind set of our youth to become better stewards of the land.

What are we doing?

Educating:  In a world of diminishing resources, we recognize a need to educate the youth of the island about the wonders of nature through innovative in-class instruction followed by experiential learning at our farm and learning center.We teach in the schools in the fall of the school year and invite the students to the farm in the spring to bring the science lessons to life and insure knowledge retention. We teach in public , private and charter schools.

Farming: W are growing hardwood trees, mango trees , flowering native trees, fruit trees, pineapples, coffee, native plants and pollinator gardens. Our student gardens are planted exclusively by the youth of Kauai.

Connecting: We are connecting kids to nature through a variety of programs that include island youth groups as well as the schools. We have scavenger hunts in the forest, we adopt-a-tree in the mahogany grove, we play games in the field, do bark rubbings, nature crafts and explore.The highlight of every field trip is when each child makes their own contribution to the ever expanding student gardens and plant their own plant.The students experience the joy of getting their  hands in the dirt and the wonder of making something grow.

 Why are we doing this?

We firmly believe that today’s youth are loosing touch with the natural world. There is much opportunity connecting to electronics and little opportunity to connect to the land. It is beholden upon us to give our children experiences that instill a belief that our resources are finite and require protection. We have a concern that Nature Deficit Disorder is responsible for many of the learning problems our youth are faced with and certainly responsible for an ambivalence about our resources. ” Teaching children about their world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives” Thomas Berry

We are doing this because we care.