Community Outreach

  • Friends of the Forest program
    Friends of the Forest program in the classroom

Retro Farms and our environmental education learning center, The Mighty Seed, are a resource for Kauai’s youth groups. We conduct programs with the Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. These important organizations are always looking for areas where they can bring their young charges to enjoy a day in nature. We modify our environmental lessons to fit into one day excursions. In the case of the Girl Scouts, they have created a special badge to coordinate with our Pollinators in Paradise program.

We are a resource for after-school programs as well as summer programs for the schools on the north shore of Kauai who have participated in our programs.

We offer three program types to serve our community youth: school classes and field trips, youth group programs, and a girl’s empowerment program. Our goal is to instill a desire to respect and protect the environment and all living things, this includes a respect for each other through cooperative behaviors.

School Programs

Our school programs are designed to assist teachers with meeting their benchmark requirements. Our lessons are adapted to meet specific DOE science standards required for each grade. We work closely with the teachers to customize the lesson plans to their teaching schedule and assist them in improving test scores. In 2018, the science standards are changing to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The goal of these new standards is to teach a “more engaging and enjoyable approach to learning science.”  This is exactly the philosophy Retro Farms has adhered to for the last five years. As such, our science education program is already in accordance with the NGSS. Our “Pollinators in Paradise” and our “Friends of the Forest” programs incorporate engaging and exciting lesson plans that are proven to be enjoyable and educational. By conducting pre and post program surveys, we are able to identify the impact of our lessons.   When the students come to the farm for field trips, the science lessons are brought to life as they observe the plants being pollinated and the different layers of the forest; they see food chains in action, and the lessons are forever sealed in their young minds.

Youth Group Programs

We provide a venue and agenda for organizations to fulfill their own requirements.We adapt our programs to the organizations we serve. For instance, we provide Big Brothers/Big Sisters with a venue and custom activities to help Big/Little matches bond with each other. We offer the Girl Scouts a place to achieve different environmental badges and have customized a program specific to their needs. We designed a program unique to Boys &Girls club needs. We share our vast resources in a variety of ways that adapt to the desires of the groups we serve.

Girls Empowerment Programs

Our girl’s empowerment program, the Pink Pineapple Project, is celebrating a Fifth Anniversary in 2019. The Zonta Club of Hanalei has partnered with us for all five years and provided funding and an amazing team of volunteers to run this large program that host nearly 200 females annually.. The surveys showed a 99% approval rate and caused us to make this an annual event. Our volunteers are paramount to the success of our programs and we could never achieve our mission without them.